Ballet Conditioning for Pole Dance


Try ballet conditioning for pole dance...this is one awesome way to build strength for the pole. You know what I mean if you have taken any ballet lessons in the past.

I don’t think anyone has actually created a product, program or training video for this specifically, but the DVD workout I have found is pretty awesome and I’ll share with you what I learned from it, what’s on it and how you can use it for your pole dance training.

I've taken a few ballet classes in the past and learned very valuable techniques, skills and moves that have helped me in my pole training.

I learned what the fancy-sounding French names for the exercises meant such as releve, rond de jambe, passe and port de bras. We already know of pirouettes in pole dance as well as those killer plies!

What Ballet Conditioning for Pole Dance Teaches You

In a basic ballet class or series of classes you will learn skills, techniques and exercises that will:

  • Sculpt muscles
  • Lengthen your muscles
  • Help you to point your toes like second-hand nature!
  • Develop fluidity in your transitions
  • Develop stability while doing various dance movements
  • Strengthen your core
  • How to direct your energy and passion in your dancing
  • Correct your posture – keeps from developing back injuries
  • Lengthen your neck and keep shoulders down – especially good when learning spins
  • Strengthen your hip flexors, glutes, hips and quads for lifting those legs higher

Ballet conditioning for pole dance is NOT an easy workout…whether you are practicing releves, rond de jours or passé, the repetition gets a good burn going in your legs and especially when you are doing the small movements such as going up and down in a grand plie.

Here is a clip of the video I use:

There are four parts to this 50 minute DVD:

1.       Stretching and Thigh Work

2.       Streamlining Extension and Gluteal Work

3.       Cardio Boost Kicks and jumps

4.       Core Work and Final Stretches

When you first watch it, it looks too easy and uninspiring. But until you try to go through the workout, don’t bash it. The thigh work is killer, the leg lifts are very, very helpful and I have done harder core workouts but this one is pretty good.

The dancer, Elise Gulan, doing the workout uses a chair, something we all have access to, so no ballet barre is needed. If you have tried ballet classes before, or this DVD or a similar one, or have been a ballerina, let us know if its helped in your pole dancing in the comment submission box below.

I personally think ballet conditioning for pole dance it is one of the most beautiful ways to develop your body, strength and to be able to use the skills and dance techniques in other dance forms such as ours, pole dancing.

Have you tried this DVD?

Share your rating and opinion of this DVD with us!

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