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Learn the Back Hook Spin

The Back Hook Spin is a lovely pole dance move that is also known as the Goddess, the Half Pint or the Dying Move. This is one of the basic backwards spins that you can learn in your early training.

Don't grip the pole too tightly when performing this spin. Let the momentum of your fall backwards spin you.

Here is a video clip on how the spin is performed:


  • Don't grip the pole too tightly when performing spins. Hold it just snug enough to allow smooth movement. I imagine holding a wine glass and also letting go to let my body 'fly'.
  • Wearing yoga pants or leggings will keep your skin from 'sticking' too much to the pole
  • Try learning more spins! Muscles have memory and when you train them to let centrifugal motion help, your spins will get better and smoother and much more controlled. 

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