BabyDoll (stage name)

by Lita
(New Zealand)

I unfortunately don't have a photo but I started pole dancing when I was ten as part of my fitness program. It was more fun than lifting weights because I wasn't as strong then. I wanted to get stronger and have fun so I watched a pole dancing class at my gym and fell in love with it.
I began taking classes three times a week and I've never quit. I've been doing ballet since I was two so for a talent show at my school last year I did an improv pointe pole dance for everyone. It was to the songs Goodbye and Remember When by Avril Lavigne. I won first place which was amazing.
The name BabyDoll came from my dance teacher who used to call me that when I was not dancing full out. When I decided to create a stage name for myself, I though it would be perfect. And it is.
I've been pole dancing for six years now. One really cool trick I love to do is surprise the audience by crawling down the pole like a spider and then do the 'Ballerina' move and then go into the splits and slide the rest of the way down.

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