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Alethea Austin Stretching for Pole DVD is packed with a ton of stretches and flexibility work including her signature warm up!

I recently purchased it – actually I purchased the discounted download from her website and have really enjoyed it!

Alethea Austin, creator of Miss Pole Dance America.

First off, I love Alethea’s dance style – those long, undulating body waves and her raw, sensual way of moving on and around the pole – especially that floorwork! She makes me think of a tall, beautiful goddess ready to take your breath away with her dance:)

So besides having the lovely Ms. Austin, creator of Miss Pole Dance America and owner of Nashville’s Chrome Bar pole studio teaching, you get some real, quality material in this Alethea Austin Stretching for Pole DVD.

What’s in the Alethea Austin Stretching for Pole DVD

This 55-minute recording includes:

  • Her signature warm-up, a 10-minute whole-body, easy-to-follow warm up
  • Straddle stretching
  • Hamstring Isolation
  • Pike stretch
  • Cowboy Stretch
  • Straddle V Stretch – Advanced
  • Splits on Back – active, static and ballistic exercises that help you with this – this is for getting those flat splits while being upright
  • Froggie Stretch – for getting your middle splits
  • Shoulders Stretching using your pole
  • Back stretching that include Cobra, Half-Back, Full-Back, Side, Cat, Ballerina, Dove stretches using the pole
  • Back bends – beginner to advanced versions
  • Nerve Stretches to use after a lot of hard pole work

She suggests to use the Alethea Austin Stretching for Pole DVD 5 times a week to develop more flexibility and to use 3 times a week to maintain the flexibility that you gain.

Dance Moves too!

There is also a series of beautiful (and hot!) dance stretches that you can do while wearing heels and put to use right away in your pole routines that will build flexibility and stability as well. These include:

  • Side to Pike
  • Trucker Girl
  • Alethea Kick
  • Pole Split
  • Pole Arabesque

What I loved about it

I first off follow her and have learned some things from Alethea’s videos on YouTube. So as one of my favorites, it was easy to want to learn some more from one of what I consider master pole dancers. I also enjoyed the rocky-bluesy style of music – my cup of tea.

More than the aesthetics of watching this legend in teaching mode, I learned some new ways I can use some of the stretches I already knew – how to deepen them, how to use them to increase my range of motion, get more flexible and how to use them in a pole dance routine. 

She covers active, passive and ballistic stretching in this flexibility-building session also giving ways to modify the movements for those who aren’t flexible enough yet.  

I liked that she explained why you were doing certain movements in the stretches and how they were helping you to open certain parts of your body or how to deepen the stretch and your range of your motion.

I really enjoyed the slow, flexibility-building, free dance that she does at the end that incorporates many of the moves that she teaches in here.

I did wish that there was more of an emphasis on modifications or exercises for beginners to flexibility work or tips on how to work up to deepening your flexibility for those struggling.

Other DVDs by Alethea

There are also several other DVDs available as actual discs or downloads (at a discount). The download was actually super easy and fast to access and I just watched and used it from my laptop.

Available as DVDs or as a download are:

  • Pure Splits
  • Sexy Fundamentals
  • Stretching for Pole
  • And Floorwork

They are all available for purchase on her website

Alethea Austin Stretching for Pole DVD > Pole Dance DVDs

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