How to do an Aerial Invert

In order to perform an aerial invert, you need to first master and have a strong basic invert as well as good core strength to get your legs up over your head without the help of a kick from the ground. If you need more core strength, practice these exercises first.

There are 3 basic steps to doing this move:

1. Climb the pole.

2. Get your hips and legs in front of the pole and curl up into a tuck using your core.

3. Go upside down. Inverting while already up on the pole requires you to use your ab/core muscles to curl up and get your legs up on the pole. Get one leg up and hook just as if you were going to invert from the floor. Once one leg is hooked, then straighten the other leg behind it. 

Here is a video that demonstrates the move:

Aerial Invert > Pole Dance Tricks

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