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This is all about me! My name is Sara and I am 34 years old at the time of this writing...I am a mother of two little girls (for now) who both are monkeys on my pole!

My journey with pole dancing began with a book... Sheila Kelley's S Factor that I picked up in a Border's Bookstore in Fresno, California when I was out shopping with a girlfriend one night. The word 'stripping' caught my attention as it has always fascinated me...these exotic dancers, their fit bodies and the way they could dance! I didn't aspire to do that, just was curious and it touched my sensual side.

So I flipped through it and bought the copy...the moves looked sexy and I wanted to try them. I did. I learned every move I could without a pole and then I was chomping at the bit to try a pole...

So, for my 30th birthday I planned a trip with my Ma and little sister to go to Las Vegas. Looking online for things to do there I saw a "Stripper 101" class that looked like it was supposed to be more fun than instructional. I paid the $40 online and booked my spot. It said that I would get to be a stripper for a day. Yeah!

The class was EXCITING!!! The instructor, Kendra, made us all feel so relaxed and welcome.. . she showed us the fireman move and how to give a lapdance. Most of the girls hung out against the wall but I hogged a pole all to myself(I ended up having to share it with a really fun girl, though!).

I was so dizzy! And sweaty! And laughing from sheer fun and exhilaration! I did it-I had learned a spin and was hooked.

I went home and started scouring the net for a pole class or studio or anything to do with pole nearby. That's when I found Venus Pole Fitness in Turlock, California. Diane and Tina had just opened not long before I found them and I have been going to their studio ever since...the atmosphere was perfect: dim lights, cool floors, mirrored walls and...poles!

I couldn't wait to get to class each time and I didn't want to leave. Right after I finished a six week Pole 101 with them, I purchased my first pole...a removable Lil' Mynx that still proudly graces my kitchen when I want to use it in there.

My journey continues as I turned my passion into a business with this website. I was in an auto accident, rear-ended by a drunk driver which gave me a terrible whiplash and I lost my construction job that I was employed at the time. So while at home, instead of becoming too depressed sitting in a neck brace, sore and on muscle relaxers, I scoured the web looking for ideas on how to make money from home.

That's when I found Site Build It, otherwise known as SBI! I immediately thought of pole dancing as a site concept as it was and still is a hobby and interest and passions for me. So I read through the site, watched the videos and knew this was a good product as I had tried a few other get-rich-quick type of internet routes that didn't work.

But SBI sold me on the fact that this was a real business that took work and it wasn't supposed to be easy as so many other sites told me it would be. I am a worker and had owned my own business before so that spoke to me.

I have been building this site for the past six months and still have a ways to go..so I will have to update my story later!

Please feel free to contact me with questions, concerns, what you would like to see on the site, submission of your videos or photos that you would like posted and I will be happy to do that! My mission is to provide a comprehensive site of resources and information for pole dancers and instructors of all levels...so constructive criticism is welcomed here!

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