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Learn to Pole Dance!, Issue #004- Your Pole Dancing Photos!
July 04, 2013
Hi all of you sexy pole dancers!

...whether advanced trixters or starting to think about trying the pole, you are brave and wonderful in your quest to be a part of this incredible style of dance!

I know I love to visit your FaceBook pages and check out your progress and your incredible poses...even if you have just learned how to invert or if you have reached the level where you can do the Iron X!

Why don't you share your favorite pole dancing photo on my site? I get over 12,000 readers and subscribers a month and feel free to include a link to your favorite studio or pole dance business and I will share that as well.

Don't have a picture to share already?

You can have someone take a photo for you or use a handly little tripod (you can get one pretty cheap on Amazon). Or you can set your camera up on a stable surface and set it to take the photo with a timer.

If you attend a pole studio, have a fellow pole dance student or your instructor take a quick photo as you invert or do your pose.

Can't wait to see! I will stay in touch and my next newsletter will include links to new tricks. Feel free to share this newsletter with your friends where they can sign up to receive the newsletter here.

Until next time, stay fit and sexy and never give up your pole journey!


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