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Learn to Pole Dance!, Issue #005- Amber Starr's New Master Pole Dance Course!
January 03, 2014
Hi all of you sexy pole dancers!

There is an awesome new product for us out - I don't know if you have seen it or not yet but here it is.... Amber Starr's Pole Dancing Course!

Amber has managed to successfully put together one of the best ways to learn or expand on your pole dancing at home! Her course comes with over 100 lessons and over 6 hours of instruction!

Everything is detailed AND to make it even better, she offers 1 year of Skype lessons, one-on-one, with her! These lessons with other instructors can cost anywhere from $20-85 per hour too because it is individualized.

The whole package is available to us for only $47!!!!! I'm getting it for several reasons:

1. There are 3 different master instructors giving the lessons
2. There is a whole section of pole dance routines from the championships,
3. This has lessons for all levels,
4. A pole dance moves dictionary,
5. A whole section of pole danced condxitioning and fitness videos,
6. Available streamng, download or in DVD format,
7. Free lifetime updates - when new videos are released we get them
8. and the 1 year one-on-one with Amber!

Check it out here, you won't be disappointed. And how can I say no to $47 for all of this it is a TOTAL steal!

Until next time, stay fit and sexy and never give up your pole journey!


P.S. Visit

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