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Learn Pole Dancing Issue #006 Thanks for Downloading my Affirmations eBook
May 27, 2014
Hello to all of you sexy pole dancers!

I want to start out by saying a HUGE "thank you!" to all of you for downloading my new eBook "100 Affirmations for Pole Dancers" (if you haven't been able to get your FREE copy, click here to download.)

I started out writing this for myself...but then I figured, if I needed this, then who else might be needing a little encouragement to grab onto that pole again and push through frustration? Who else might be feeling unsure of themselves next to someone else in class who seems to "get" every new trick?

Talking positively to ourselves, and NOT putting ourselves down with negative messages, helps to get us in the right mindset for our minds and bodies to grasp new moves.

New Spotlights

I've also interviewed and featured some awesome ladies this month:

Kody Parker , instructor and blogger from Pole Harmony, talks about her new projects

Andrea Lin , creator and star of DanceaGoGo, shares her dance story and new burlesque DVD series (yay!)

Fawnia Deitrich , pole pioneer, pole dance instructor and organizer of the Pole Expo shares her learning advice and personal goals (very good advice)

Natasha Williams , instructor and creator of Pole Position, shares her 25 years experience of pole dancing and exciting new products coming out such as her Business-in-a-Box for opening a pole dance studio as well as a pole dance choreography book.

Featured Pole Dance Resource

"Pole Position A-Z of Pole Dancing Moves Illustrated" , created by Natasha Williams, is a comprehensive, illustrated step-by-step how-to of over 135 pole dance tricks and moves.

For only $27 you get this along with her new eBook "Pole Tricks Handbook Intermediate/Advanced" . Natasha has taught over 3000 women in her career and shows tips and tricks of how to learn these tricks. Click on the image below to learn more.

If you haven't already, check out my "Freebies" page that lists links to resources such as free, downloadable cross training and pole dance diet eBooks, free pole dance dictionaries, a pole journal template as well as a free guided weight-loss meditation and dancing meditations.

Visit my site for these and many more resources for your pole dance journey!

Again, I appreciate you visiting my site and taking the time to read this ezine...I along with many others get bombarded with emails and stuff that we just don't have the time to sift through. I strive to be conscious of this and provide you with relevant and helpful info that you can actually learn something from, enjoy or use.

Until next time, stay fit and sexy and never give up your pole journey!


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