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Learn Pole Dancing Issue #006 Happy Holidays!
December 01, 2017
Hello you sexy pole dancer!

Happy Holidays! Here's a New Giveaway...

Enter to win a $50 gift certificate from Bad Kitty this month! Use it for:

- PoleFit wear including shorts and tops

- Bad Kitty Exotic Wear

- Pole Dance Heels

- Sexy leggings, costumes, rompers, dresses and more!

Click HERE to enter!

Get FREE pole dance resources!

Who doesn't like free! Get free promotion on for your pole dance related product, blog/website, service or studio. Click here for more information! If you haven't already, check out my "Freebies" page that lists links to resources such as free, downloadable cross training for pole dance eBook, free pole dance dictionaries, a pole journal template as well as a free guided weight-loss meditation and dancing meditations.

Visit my site for these and many more resources for your pole dance journey!

Have you heard?

The Pole Parlour Podcast is a great way to get to know the leaders, innovators, creators and amazing artists of our beautiful pole dance community! Get inspired by listening to host Crimson Minx interview these pole dancers.

This Month...

December is a time to celebrate so many things - the holidays are always a great time to give and to receive! Not only do you have so many fun, sexy options of things to give to your pole dance friends and instructors, but to your special someone as well!

Idea: Try giving a naughty Santa-baby lapdance to him or her and wear long stockings and heels, red lingerie and lipstick and light the room with candles!

Ideas on what to give to your pole dance friends:

- Stripper heels - they come in so many sexy styles and heights...from 5 to 10 inches!

- Shorts, tops, monokinis, leggings, thigh-high socks to do floorwork in

- gift certificates

- a subscription to an online pole dance lesson site

- Visit my Pole Dance Shop for more ideas!

Newest Articles

Here are the newest articles for you:

My review of Powergrip Sport Pole Dance Grip

How much does it cost to take pole dance classes?

How to choose the best dance pole for yourself

All about free-standing dance poles

My review of Alethea Austin's "Stretching for Pole" DVD

My review of Fit & Bendy's "Shoulder School" DVD

Again, I appreciate you visiting my site and taking the time to read this ezine...I along with many others get bombarded with emails and stuff that we just don't have the time to sift through. I strive to be conscious of this and provide you with relevant and helpful info that you can actually learn something from, enjoy or use. Until next time, stay strong, fit and sexy and never give up your pole journey!


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