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Exotic Expression Floor Flow 2 DVD is the second volume in JL Medeiros’ Floor Flow series. There is a 3rd volume to come as well.

The first in the series, “Exotic Expression Floor Flow Foundation Moves” is a beginner’s DVD to start learning the fundamentals of floor work that can be used in pole or chair dancing or all alone. Jenny is an amazing instructor that outlines all of the moves with clarity and simplicity.

What you will learn in the Floor Flow 2 DVD

This hour long instructional DVD starts out with tips that will help you to learn the moves more efficiently such as what to wear for floorwork, and the use of music and aids that will make things easier on your body such as knee pads or a yoga mat.

There is a gentle 4-minute standing warm-up and a 5-minute floor warm-up.

The Floor Flow 2 DVD includes moves that you will learn such as:

  • The Illusion Crawl (super sexy!)
Jenny teaching some awesome leg moves!
  • Reverse Illusion Crawl
  • Barrel Rolls
  • Double Barrel Roll
  • Sexy Lexi
  • Travelling Sexy Lexi
  • Runner Legs
  • Flirty Legs
  • Double Flirty Legs
  • The Showgirl
  • The Siren (with The Slow Reveal and The Flash!)
  • And some very cool “accent” moves and ways to use these all in some pretty sexy ways!

What I loved about the Floor Flow 2 DVD

Several of these are original moves that I have not seen performed before which is refreshing. I love learning new floorwork moves. Jenny is really a great instructor when it comes to not only breaking down the moves into learnable pieces but letting you know how it will feel to do the motions so you can learn on your own, something that is very helpful when learning from a recording.

She breaks down each movement in detail and includes tips on how to perform it, gives you modifications in case you are lacking strength in any area of your body (or don’t want too much weight on your wrists or knees) and gives variations for each floorwork movement which is great when you want to make something "your own" - adding your own style and flair.

I love how she broke down the movement of these fancy-looking leg motions that I see used in so many beautiful floorwork routines. Her breakdowns are detailed and easy-to-follow along with and learn.

There is also a section of “Combos” that show how to link moves that are taught in this DVD together. She also shows how to use each new move with others that she has taught on the first DVD.

There are so many fun and super-sexy exotic dance floor moves that I can’t wait to try!

Read my review of the first DVD in this series: Exotic Expression Floor Flow Foundation Moves DVD Volume 1 here.

I am eagerly awaiting the third volume in the series!

Where to get a copy

You can order the DVD for $10 by make your payment through PayPal @ account: EEdancefitness@gmail.com.

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Flow Flow DVD 2 > Floor Flow Foundation Moves Volume 1

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